Nurses Play a Key Role in Improving Individuals’ Access to Care

Nurses Play a Key Role in Improving Individuals’ Access to Care

The nation is celebrating the Nurses Week to recognize the vital contribution of all nurses as compassionate caregivers. Clinicians and leaders from Tennessee heavily rely on nurses for quality health management and prevention.

Moreover, nurses play a key role to significantly transform the health management by improving access to affordable care.

The Update to the Health Care Safety Net Report was prepared by the Tennessee Department of Health to asses health care resources during 2010-11. The report marked 78 of 95 counties in Tennessee as medically underserved.

Economic factors play a major role to influence the access of an individual to care. The United Health Foundation stated, "Poverty directly influences a family's ability to meet the basic needs of their children including lack of access to health care".

A report from America's Health Rankings revealed that 22% of children in Tennessee are still living below the poverty line. It also suggested that nurses are ready and willing to coordinate and meet the requirements of these vulnerable populations.

According to the Institute of Medicine Report on Nursing, support of nurses is essential in order to improve the patients' access to care. Also, they play a key role in organizing and aligning critical resources, and leading and contributing to teams. These teams minimize errors and reduce costs through improved communication and coordination.