Cicadas Not to be Seen Everywhere

Cicadas Not to be Seen Everywhere

Some areas have been witnessing huge number of cicadas, which gets mature every 13 or 17 years. On the other hand, there are places, which not have been able to see even a single cicada.

To cite an example, certain areas of Northern Virginia have not seen brooding of cicada. Places like Woodbridge and Dale City have been witnessing massive number of cicadas and that too every week.

Craze for the same has increased to such an extent that people have been uploading videos on You Tube about cicadas with their special humming sound. Entomologist Deborah Landau was of the view that cicadas make humming sound, which is quite loud.

They do it in order to attract mates. Experts were of the view that cicadas will be seen in places like North Carolina, Virginia and across Connecticut.

People living in Staten Island have reported about seeing the 17-year-old sex-crazed cicadas. Edward Johnson, who is the Director of science at the Staten Island Museum, was of the view that some of the places, which have quite negligible chances to witness these cicadas, are Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.

"They don't fly very far as adults, and so are unlikely to colonize other boroughs from Staten Island", said Johnson.