Flare star Becomes the 15 Times Brighter

Flare star Becomes the 15 Times Brighter

Astrophysicists discovered the fact that a star of low luminosity gave off a flare which is so strong that it turns the star near about 15 times brighter. And all this happens in a short span of time.

The star which was located by the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain) and the Byurakan Observatory (Armenia) is named as the WXUMa. One of the professor of the team, astrophysicist Vakhtang Tamazian, who is professional at the University of Santiago de Compostela.

The star is among the Ursa Major constellation. The flare star is around 15.6 light-years from the Earth. The star had gradually become the part of the binary system. The star though shines 15 time brighter, itscounterpart's shines
100 times brighter.

However, the counterparts don't emits light at that time when the flare star shines. Such an event takes place around several times in a year. However, they were not as strong as they were recorded in such an example.

Hence, Dr. Tamazian and the team detected such an unexpected level of brightness from the Byurakan Observatory in Armenia. Moreover, in such period that lasted even not for full three minutes, the star suffers a major change from spectral type M to B.

In others words, it went down from the temperature of 2,800 kelvin (K) to six or seven times more than the previous one.