Formation of Stem Cells in Mice Raise Hopes for Diabetes Treatment

Formation of Stem Cells in Mice Raise Hopes for Diabetes Treatment

Published in the online journal Nature this Wednesday, a study carried out by Spanish researchers is being hoped to bring treatment for illnesses like heart ailments and diabetes.

The team said fresh tissue could be possible to be created inside a living patient in near future. Mice were recruited for the study, in which mature cells were transformed by Manuel Serrano and colleagues into a primordial, stem-cell state.

Transplantation of lab-made tissue into live patients has been dreamt for long in stem-cell science. But, years of experiments have shown failure in improving the quality of such tissue. Thus, an approach of making fresh tissue within the patients' bodies is now being focused at.

The team said the success of such an experiment was a surprise for them. Nonetheless, a Frankenstein-like outcome was also produced by the latest research. It has been informed that the stem-like cells formed this way were continuing to produce spheres akin to a mouse embryo.

Children's Hospital Boston's George Daley said that the findings were striking. Since, these showed that all cells in the body had the ability to generate a new organism.

"That isn't easy to pull off. Converting cells in a mature, living body into stem-like cells means turning back the clock when everything in the environment favors the opposite", stated lead researcher, Serrano.