Detroit Residents Terrified: Packs of Wild Dogs Make Massacre

Detroit Residents Terrified: Packs of Wild Dogs Make Massacre

According to the reports, packs of wild dogs, about thousands of them, are terrorizing Detroit's abandoned neighborhoods.

The Detroit's Animal Control Dept says that they have assigned work to six dog catchers, to find out the real situation at the place. A group called the World Animal Awareness Society canvassed the streets of Detroit this weekend and tried to get an idea of the real situation.

On one hand, Emergency Manager Kevin Orr says that it is a public safety issue and on the other hand, Survey Director Tom McPhee says that they have found dogs left chained up and starving.

The results of the survey are expected to come out early next year and with winter approaching, it might be too late to help the poor animals.

Many Detroit residents complain that packs of dogs have terrorized them for years now, but so far there has been no reliable way to analyze how many dogs are actually terrifying the residents.

But Tom McPhee, a filmmaker and executive director of the Ann Arbor-based World Animal Awareness Society, hopes a two-day survey that started on Saturday will put an end to the problem.

Clarke, who is the resident of the same place, from her dining room, looking through a window at the spot of the attack said, "There was a lot of biting. There were a lot of stitches,"