Tennessee Navy Base Faces Momentary Lockdown amid Shoot Incident

Tennessee Navy Base Faces Momentary Lockdown amid Shoot Incident

On Thursday afternoon, after a shooting incident, lockdown of a Tennessee Navy base was seen, though on an interim basis.

After the incident, it took nearly 90 minutes for the lockdown to conclude. Since, a suspect could be taken into custody by then.

The report found that two National Guardsmen got injured during the shoot. A fellow Guardsman was responsible for the same. He had entered a flight along with other two Guardsmen at around 12:45 outside the base.

It has been discovered that a gun had been pulled out by one of them and one man was shot in the foot. Thereafter, a second person was shot in the leg and both the victims had to be transferred to hospital. Fortunately, the two have not suffered any kind of life-shattering wounds.

According to a law enforcement official, the shooter could not be anyone other than a recruiter, who was relieved of duty. The official did not have the authority to publicly discuss the case.

Rita Stanback, Millington Police Chief, said the other National Guard members disarmed the shooter of a small handgun before the arrival of the police. It is due to them that others could be saved from the shootout.

"I'm sure there could have been more (injuries) if they hadn't taken him into custody", affirmed Stanback.