Ancient ocean found at bottom of Chesapeake Bay

Ancient ocean found at bottom of Chesapeake Bay

The stays of a salty sea old enough for dinosaurs to have suffocated in it have been discovered profound in the silt under the Chesapeake Bay.

The seawater - accepted to be 100 to 150 million years of age - was segregated, trapped a half-mile underground, and protected with the assistance of a space rock that crushed into the territory around 35 million years prior, making a gigantic pit.

It had just been in presence for around the range of 50 million years and it was secluded from whatever is left of the planet's seas. It had its own particular saltiness and its saltiness was changing at an alternate rate and by diverse measures from whatever remains of the oceans worldwide.

The watery fossil holds around 3 trillion gallons, and is "the most seasoned substantial assortment of antiquated seawater on the planet," consistent with government hydrologists who made the stunning find while mapping the old cavity under Virginia's Cape Charles.

"We weren't searching for aged seawater," the lead specialist said and called the treasure "shocking."

The underground seawater, twice as salty as that discovered in today's seas, originates from a period when the Atlantic was a littler sea, the lead specialist tells.