Sarah Palin pulling away from McCain campaign

Sarah Palin has definitely made an impact in the 2008 presidential elections – and, no matter what the outcome of the election may be, the Alaska governor has stood out on her own! In less than two months after being chosen as Republican John McCain’s running mate, Palin has become arguably the most polarizing figure in US politics.

Despite a hardening perception that she is ill-qualified to become commander-in-chief, she is drawing bigger crowds than McCain, on the campaign trail, and has become the main source of enthusiasm among grassroots conservatives.

However, now there are rumblings and perhaps signs that Palin is pulling away from the McCain campaign. She does not seem to have any problems with McCain himself, but there are indications that she does not like his staff, so much so that she has no future intention of following them.

In fact, supporters of Palin say she’s had it with the campaign staff. A Palin insider told Politico: “She’s lost confidence in most of the people on the campaign plane.” He says she would like to further ignore staff advice and do things her own way.

The choice of the relatively unknown 44-year-old Alaska Governor was intended to burnish McCain’s maverick reputation, and recast the election as a contest between Palin’s small town values and Obama’s elite liberalism.

Most Republicans, however, were not thrilled by Palin’s nomination. Within the party elite, some view her as a potential savior of the conservative movement, while others blame her for McCain’s likely defeat.