Nicotine Exploits Body's Cellular Machinery to Promote Addiction: Researchers

Nicotine Exploits Body's Cellular Machinery to Promote Addiction: Researchers

A new study has come up with findings to suggest that the body's mechanism is altered by nicotine to promote addiction. Researchers said nicotine has the ability to exploit the body's cellular machinery to boost the addiction for nicotine.

If the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is to be believed, tobacco is attributable to the greatest number of deaths caused by single agent. These deaths could be prevented easily if new therapies could be developed to help quit smoking.

Nicotine is the active ingredient of tobacco and it leads to activate receptors known as nAChRs. And it acts as a pharmacological chaperone unlike most other drugs of abuse to stabilize assembly of its receptors within the Endoplasmic Reticulum and encourage their abundance at the cell surface.

A major role is played by up-regulation of nAChRs to boost nicotine addiction. Researchers said to have discovered nicotine's ability to up-regulate alpha 6* nAChRs depending on the retrograde transport of alpha 6* nAChRs back from the Golgi to the ER by COPI-coated vesicles.

Researchers are of the firm belief that Golgi-ER cycling could be a common way through which up-regulation of other nAChRs is boosted by nicotine. Having discovered the mechanism of nicotine on the body to promote addiction, researchers believe that they would be able to develop new therapies for smoking cessation and neuroprotection against Parkinson's disease.


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