BMW unveils new i3 concept electric vehicle which can communicate with smartwatch

BMW unveils new i3 concept electric vehicle which can communicate with smartwatc

With `smart' devices making a noteworthy impression at the 2014 International CES event in Las Vegas, bigwig automaker BMW unveiled its new i3 concept electric vehicle at the tech show.  The BMW i3 boasts the ability to communicate with a smartwatch, particularly the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

According to the details shared by BMW about the i3 concept electric vehicle, the smartwatch with which the vehicle communicates can not only display its vital information - like battery status and driving range - but can also be used for navigation purposes.

About the `smart' features of the i3 concept electric car, BMW said that the i3 users can send addresses from their smartphone contact list directly to the on-board navigation system of the vehicle.  As such, they will not have to type in the addresses of their contacts.

In addition, i3 owners can also benefit from an in-car intermodal navigation service which assesses real-time traffic conditions, and then informs them about faster alternative modes of transportation, if any.  In case the drivers choose an alternative mode, the service provides turn-by-turn directions to the closest public transport station.

The in-car intermodal navigation service is available for BMW's new i3 and i8 electric vehicles as part of the automaker's ConnectedDrive system.