Hackers reportedly using trusted Chrome extensions to spread malware; also buying extensions

Hackers reportedly using trusted Chrome extensions to spread malware; also buyin

According to new reports, hackers have apparently come up with a new mechanism to spread malware --- they are using some trusted Google Chrome extensions, like 'Add to Feedly' and 'Tweet This Page,' and are also buying extensions with large members.

'Extensions' are additional features and functionality which users can easily add to the Google Chrome browser. The use of extensions facilitates the users in customizing Google Chrome with features of their choice, while keeping their browser free of things which they do not use.

The use of trusted Chrome extensions by hackers to spread malware implies that the 'extensions' feature, which is primarily aimed at improving user privacy and protection, is now being misused by hackers to befool people.

Reports about the use of trusted Chrome extensions for distributing malware have also revealed that hackers are even going to the extent of buying trusted Chrome browser extensions. With the help of the new 'extensions' mechanism for launching malware attacks, hackers are able to hoodwink others about their objective, and also appear legitimate.

Meanwhile, Google - after several complaints over a period of time - is now taking strict action against hackers who are spreading malware via Chrome extensions; and has even removed the 'Add to Feedly' and 'Tweet This Page' extensions from its web store, for violation of its developer policies. The authors of both these extensions had reportedly sold the extensions to other individuals, who updated the extensions and turned them into spam-spewing programs.