Apple next iOS 7 update will fix “screen of death” glitch

Apple next iOS 7 update will fix “screen of death” glitch

According to a Mashable report, citing the information shared by Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller, the next iOS 7 update from Apple will include a fix for the much-dreaded "white/black screen of death."

The "white/black screen of death" is a glitch which has quietly been plaguing the users of Apple's latest iOS 7 version, which is a completely redesigned iOS version for the company's popular iPhone handset. The "screen of death" glitch chiefly pertains to a bug which abruptly soft reboots the iPhone. Reports about the glitch started appearing in Apple's discussion boards in September 2013.

The "screen of death" problem apparently affects all iPhone models running the iOS 7. Some users of the affected iOS 7-powered iPhones have also revealed that sudden shutting off of their handset seemingly coincides with the dipping of the iPhone's battery into the 30% level.

About the "screen of death" issue affecting the iOS 7 iPhone models, Muller told Mashable that the bug can "occasionally cause a home screen crash;" and added that Apple will fix the problem in "an upcoming software update."

Muller also said that, along with fixing the "screen of death" glitch, the next iOS 7 update will also bring along some minor changes in the User Interface and the design of the iPhone operating system.