Google, VMW partner up to allow legacy Windows software to run on Chrome OS

Google, VMW partner up to allow legacy Windows software to run on Chrome OS

In a Wednesday announcement, Google and VMWare have revealed that they have signed a partnership which will allow legacy Windows software to run on Chrome OS. As a result of the partnership, Google's low-cost Chrome OS laptops and desktop boxes will run Windows-only enterprise software, like accounting applications.

The partnership with Google will enable VMWare - the company which develops software that can be run on multiple operating systems on the same computer - to bring Windows to the Chromebook via the cloud.

The Google-VMWare partnership will give Chromebook users the ability to access a Windows desktop as well as all of their old legacy applications in VMWare's Horizon - a "desktop as a service" (DaaS) - provided that they have access to the Internet.

In a news release pertaining to the partnership, Google has asserted that the company feels enterprise users can save money if Windows software is run on the Google operating system. To highlight the point, Google Enterprise President Amit Singh said that Google Chromebooks can save businesses approximately $US5,000 per computer vis-a-vis traditional PCs.

Noting that Chromebooks are "a secure, easy and cost-effective solution to help organisations embrace a new way of doing business," Singh said: "Through our partnership with VMware, businesses can now capitalise on these advantages with access to legacy applications, data and desktops they need to keep employees productive."