Apple has fixed flaw in SSL/TLS implementation in iOS; desktops and laptops still vulnerable

Apple has fixed flaw in SSL/TLS implementation in iOS; desktops and laptops stil

Last week, tech giant Apple released an update to fix a rather severe vulnerability in its SSL/TLS implementation in iOS. The update implies that while the serious security flaw in the iOS has been fixed, desktop computers and laptops are still vulnerable to hackers.

The security flaw which Apple patched for the iOS in its Friday-issued update enabled the hackers to intercept data during purportedly secure and encrypted transfers when iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch users use their devices on a public network.

The security flaw is largely related to the mechanism which allows the operating system to interact with what is called 'Secure Sockets layer' (SSL) - the technology which encrypts sensitive data between computers and servers.

Before the update was issued, the mentioned security vulnerability gave the hackers the ability to monitor communications which are usually encrypted. The seriousness of the flaw is evident from a revelation by independent privacy and security researcher Ashkan Soltani who told CTV News Channel on Monday that the flaw has compromised communication over email and with banks.

Noting that the not-so-sophisticated computer hack using such a flaw is called a 'Man-in-the-middle attack,' Soltani said that the security flaw has been patched by Apple in its latest iOS 7.0.6 version; but the same flaw in OSX 10.9.1 - the company's operating systems for its desktops and laptops - has still not been fixed.