Motorola’s Moto X successor coming “late summer;” Moto G is the company’s most successful handset ever

Motorola’s Moto X successor coming “late summer;” Moto G is the company’s most s

At its press conference at the 2014 Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain, Motorola hinted that the successor of its flagship Moto X handset will likely be launched in "late summer."

Despite the fact that Motorola did not divulge any further details about the imminent Moto X successor, it is speculated that the company will soon reveal more information about the design and specifications of the device in the coming weeks.

The official indication about the expected "late summer" release of the Moto X successor comes at a time when Motorola has efforts underway to expand the availability of Moto X and Moto Maker to more countries - including Australia and India - over the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, the other announcements made by Motorola at the MWC press conference included the disclosure that the Moto G handset is the company's most successful smartphone thus far.  Announced in November 2013, the Moto G handset has been available for retail sale in some countries for barely over three months.  The countries in which the Moto G is available include the US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, India, and Malaysia, among others.

About the overwhelming customer response to the Moto G handset, a Motorola executive said at the press conference: "The Moto G has been the most successful, highest-selling smartphone in Motorola's history."