Sea Turtle Nesting Season Starts

Sea Turtle Nesting Season Starts

Nesting season for sea turtles officially started on Saturday, March 1. Wildlife officials are expecting to have a good turnout this time.

Leatherback sea turtles are the first ones to lay eggs along Florida's Atlantic coast and then comes the turn of loggerheads and sea turtles. They will lay eggs later this spring. In comparison to other areas in the US, majority of the sea turtles nest in Florida.

Nesting season of sea turtles in Florida generally runs through October, but changes can be witnessed like the nesting period continued late into the fall in 2013. Since 1982, green sea turtles are classified as an endangered species.

Around 38,000 green sea turtle nests were laid in 2013. These turtles, which weigh up to 700 pounds, can be found along the shores of Europe, North and South America.

They are named on the basis of their skin's color. These turtles do not have a complicated nesting and hatching procedure. Adult females choose a spot on the beach and generally, it is the one where they were born.

After finalizing the spot, they dig a big hole and lay between 100 and 200 eggs. They then cover them and return to the sea. After a number of months, the hatchlings come out of their eggs and burrow out of the sand and rush towards the brightest light they see.

"Hatchlings use light to find the ocean. And if they don't find the ocean, they will die. They depend on a natural light field that is brighter over the ocean", said Dr. Blair Witherington.

There are chances that hatchlings get attracted towards skyglow, a combined glow of artificial lights. The light may let hatchlings to move away from the ocean and they can get stuck around in dunes or in pools, or getting smashed in roadways.