Medium launches simple ‘just for reading’ iPhone app

Medium launches simple ‘just for reading’ iPhone app

Blogging platform Medium has recently launched a simple iPhone app which is 'just for reading.' The read-only app released by Medium is only for browsing, not creating content. The app essentially enables the users to read blogs only on the Medium website.

With no publishing tools, as of now, to facilitate writing of content, the simple app released by Medium basically allows users to read blogs which are displayed in the form of a feed and are automatically recommended based on who a user follows.

The app also gives the users the ability to share articles through Twitter, Facebook and email.

When the app is launched by users, they are required to sign in with their Twitter account. Upon the sign in, users can start reading the articles from the Medium site. Since there is no index of the users feed, the app users have to simply swipe for moving back and forth through articles. However, the app does include a simple feed of stories in a given Collection.

Noting that the app boasts dynamic interface guides which facilitate the users in easily browsing through thousands of articles, Medium founder Ev Williams said that the key motivational force creating the release of the read-only app is that the company wants to augment the viewpoints of thousands of people who share their stories, ideas, dreams, and visions on the Medium platform week after week.