Ignoring Climate Change could cause further trouble in near future

Ignoring Climate Change could cause further trouble in near future

A lot of things have been already said about climate change. There are many people who still believe that global warming is nothing more than just a scientific theory. But climate conservationists across the world have enough evidence to prove that global warming is more than just a scientific theory. Experts have affirmed that it is vital to take climate change seriously as otherwise the ignorance can make countries to suffer abrupt changes for which not even a single country is prepared.

Food and water supplies will get disrupted, a number of people will get displaced and negative changes will take place in the ecosystem of the world. Melting of the human ice and drying out of the Amazon rainforests are some examples of the harm that ecosystem can suffer.

A report by many US organizations including the Environmental Defense Fund said that it is not easy to determine changes by global climate change. Biodiversity loss is difficult to measure and especially when there are many factors responsible for famine and other community displacements.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) came up with a 29-page draft revealing how countries can get ready for rising temperatures, extreme heat, floods and increased sea levels. The report has also evaluated certain things like food and water shortages and extinction of animal and plant life.

More than 100 governments and scientists are assembling in Japan from March 25 to 29 to modify as well as approve the report. The report is important as it will be directing policies for the 2015 UN summit that will be held in Paris. As per experts, coastal regions of Asia are at the maximum risk across the world.