Samsung inflicts extensive abuse on its forthcoming handsets at its testing facilities

Samsung inflicts extensive abuse on its forthcoming handsets at its testing faci

At South Korean device maker Samsung's headquarters, extensive abuse is inflicted on the devices manufactured by the company, so as to ensure that the devices can withstand the careless handling of the ham-fisted users.

According to reports, the Galaxy S5 and other handsets in the Samsung pipeline are given a rough treatment at the testing facilities at the company's headquarters. The handsets are dropped on purpose; subjected to water, dust, and heat; and zapped with high-voltage electrostatic guns.

The key aim behind the tests which the Samsung handsets are made to undergo is to see how well the handsets can withstand the rigors of human contact without being damaged. In addition, the company also analyses how the handsets' performance and longevity are affected by external elements.

Some of the tests are automated, while others involve more personal interaction. The handsets are placed into a chamber filled with dust to test for defective circuits; dropped in water to test their water resistance; twisted to determine how far they can bend without breaking; and tested to see how they tackle sweat.

To test how much abuse the handset's buttons can withstand, Samsung runs an automated machine with knobs which repeatedly press the home button over and over again till that button finally fails. Handsets area also deliberately dropped off a platform from different heights and angles, to analyze them for cracks, loosening of components or other damage.