Number of Scots waiting over four hours in A&E triples

Number of Scots waiting over four hours in A&E triples

A new report has some very disturbing figures which suggest that the number of Scots waiting over four hours for emergency in the A&E departments has almost tripled in five years.

Audit Scotland did a study and discovered that way back in the year 2008-09 the number of people waiting for an urgent medical emergency was 36,000 which has become 104,000 in the year 2012-13.

Improvement was noticed in this field last year but this damning report confirms that there is little the Scottish government can do to reach its goal of four-hour attendance to emergency patients before the elections.

The average A&E waiting times of patients has become delayed by an extra half an hour than what it was five years back.  Opposition parties associated with the decline to the SNP's `slashing' of staff jobs and hospital beds.

Neil Findlay, a Scottish Labour MSP stated that one can't keep reducing the number of beds and nurses and expect the remaining staff and resources to cope with more patients.

"The country's health service was facing more emergency patients than ever before and there is action already being taken to improve the situation", stated Alex Neil, the health minister.