After First Six Months of Sales Toyota Remains at Top

After First Six Months of Sales Toyota Remains at Top

Still holding the top position in global vehicles sales Toyota remains at No. 1 after the initial six months of the current year. It is followed by Volkswagen, the carmaker which displaced General Motors from its second position as the U. S. auto manufacturer struggles with a recall scandal.

On Wednesday Toyota Motor Corp. of Japan announced that its global sales for vehicles from January to June totalled to a massive 5.097 million in number which was nearly an increase of 4% from the previous year. The sales figure increased in the company's Japanese home market and also in other countries of Asia, Europe and the U. S. Toyota says, that the sales rose in Japan because of a haste to thump the increase in the consumption tax which started from the 1st of April.

The number of sales for Toyota's vehicles increased in China by 12%, and also grew in North America by 5 percent. The carmaker scored well in Europe as sales edged up 8%.

However the company refused to comment on the issue of being on top. The company officials said that their main aim was to satisfy customers taking care of one car at a time, and they did not mean for any competition that would take them to the top.