Dollar Moves Up Against Yen

Dollar Moves Up Against Yen

The slackening tension in Ukraine helped the dollar move up and weakened the yen for a second day. As the situation stabilizes people are not looking at yen as a currency for safe haven.

Yasuaki Amatatsu, analyst at the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ said "As the geopolitical factors have been factored in, the market continues to see a retreat of risk-off moves, which supported dollar-buying sentiment against the yen."

The euro dropper almost to its lowest since November against the dollar just before the data that will be given out by the economists forecast this week which will reveal that investors confidence in Germany has fallen to its least point since December 2012. It will also show that growth in the region has decreased in speed.

The currency of New Zealand dropped at least 0.3 percent against all its 31 major counterparts after it showed lesser gains in house prices.

A measure of the dollar remained 0.3 percent from its highest point since the month of February before tomorrow's report of a forecast which will show that the rate of retail sales in the U. S. has grown in the last sixth months.