Ford Shares Drop With Profit Concerns

Ford Shares Drop With Profit Concerns

Although Ford Motor Co. is expecting a return aimed at profitability yet in a meeting on Monday the executives told investors that the company was expecting a 2015 pre-tax loss of about $250 million in Europe.

Ford said that the company expects Europe pre-tax operating margins to be between three percent and five percent by the year 2020.

The car manufacturing company said that it hopes the sales of Asia-Pacific industry reach any number between 51 million and 53 million vehicles by 2020. This will be a significant rise from a likely sale of 40 million to 42 million vehicles in 2015. The executives of the company said that the China sales are expected to reach 29 million to 31 million vehicles in 2020.

This year, Ford expects a pre-tax operating profit of $700 million in Asia-Pacific and hopes it to be higher in the coming year. It says the Asia-Pacific margins are likely to grow between twelve percent and fourteen percent by 2020.

Though there is plenty of good news to offer, they are not the only ones. In Europe the company keeps on losing money including an estimated loss of $1.2 billion before taxes there in the current year which is expected to become better in the following year. Operating margins are forecast to be low for South American and North American business too.