ECB Expected to Sit Tight Over its Policies In Spite of Worries over ‘Weak Recovery’

ECB Expected to Sit Tight Over its Policies In Spite of Worries over ‘Weak Recov

According to the analysts, in all probability the European Central Bank (ECB) is expected to sit tight and wait to see the new policies take their own course and allow the series of recent radical measures take their own turn in spite of the great pressure arising from the weakening economic revival.

The ECB is not likely to take similar measures as the US Federal Reserve, which decided to put an end to its stimulus spree. The policy makers of ECB are likely to sit tight during their monthly meeting.

In an historic effort to shape up a financial system, which intends to prevent a repeat of any kind of devastating financial crisis which almost resulted in the collapse of the euro, the European Central Bank takes over as the banking watchdog of Europe on Tuesday.

The ECB which has been in charge of the monetary policy for the single currency countries from the beginning of 1999 has found a new role during the economic disaster which tore up the region during crisis years.

The ECB for long has been considered as the only European institution that is capable of fixing the financial troubles of the bloc and rescue it time and again with its daring measures when financial disasters strike.