For First Time in Three Weeks Treasuries Rise

For First Time in Three Weeks Treasuries Rise

For the very first time in the last three weeks the treasuries rose. The U. S. manufacturing dropped further surpassing the forecast. Mario Draghi, the European Central Bank President signalled that the policy makers will probably begin with a large-scale government-bond purchase programme.

The 10-year note yields in the United States headed towards its highest level in the last fifteen years against its German peers, stirring up demands. The yield arc, which shows the difference between the two and thirty years Treasury yields, flattened roughly to the least level since 2009January in the middle of a sagging oil price condition and speculation that pointed at a rise in the interest rates this year by the Federal Reserve.

A report expected next week might reveal that the U. S. unemployment rate dropped to a six and a half low.

Larry Milstein, the managing director of government-debt trading at R. W. Pressprich & Co in New York said, "We could continue to see demand from Europe as well as domestically in terms of safety, quality and relative value."

Yesterday, the U. S ten year yield fell by six basis points which was the maximum noted in the last three weeks. The factory index of Institute for Supply Management showed that for December it fell to a six-month low of to 55.5 from the previous months 58.7. Any figure that is more than 50 indicates growth.