Google Misses Q4 Analysts’ Expectations

Google Misses Q4 Analysts’ Expectations

On Thursday, Google released its fourth-quarter earnings report that definitely did not bring a smile to the investor's face as it missed the estimate of the analysts. Though missing the earnings forecasts of the analyst's is nothing new for Google but it surely leaves the investors fuming who think that the company could keep a greater share of profits if it did not drain out such a lot on extreme projects such as driverless cars or the eye ware, connected to the Internet.

The fourth-quarter earnings report for the online search leader was far lower than what the analysts' has expected. This was the fifth consecutive quarter for Google Inc. when it could not steer clear a major hurdle for the publicly held companies.

According to Google the earnings were $6.88 a share where as the analysts had predicted $7.12 per share.

The company's revenue increased fifteen percent to $18.1 billion for including the period spanning over the holiday shopping season. After deducting the commissions for ads the revenue amounted to $14.5 billion. This was approximately $250 million less than what the analysts has expected.

The slump in earnings is mainly due to factors, the steadily growing expenses and the challenge that the company is facing in its digital advertising business. In the modern world more and more people are relying on smartphones turning away from the earlier popular desktop and laptop computers for conducting searches and to read through digital content.