The First Quarter Notes a Drop in PC Shipments

The First Quarter Notes a Drop in PC Shipments

In spite of the decline noted of late in the PC shipments, the most recent data from IDC and Gartner hinted at a better than forecasted PC market.

On Thursday, IDC reported that sixty nine million PCs have been shipped in the first quarter in this year. This is a 6.7 percent drop as compared to the figures of last year during the same period.

Though since 2009, it is the lowest number of shipment for PCs noted for any first quarter, the drop did not amount to be as severe as 8.2 percent that was initially forecasted by IDC last fall.

IDC’s senior research analyst for PCs, Rajani Singh said that the good performance was a result of a slower drop in the US as compared to the other areas of the world.

According to the firm, in the first quarter14.2 million PCs were shipped in the United States. It is only one percent drop as compared to the previous year. The strongest growth was noted in the portable segment mostly in the new types in the market like the Bing PCs, PC-tablet convertibles, Chromebooks and the ultra-slim notebooks.  IDC said that the shipment for desktops were slow in the first quarter.