Third Annual ‘March against Monsanto’ held on Saturday

Third Annual ‘March against Monsanto’ held on Saturday

GMO or Genetically Modified Organisms have been a much debated issue worldwide, for years. Protests have been seen in the past and still continue in many parts of the world. On Saturday, all over the world in different cities, the third annual 'March against Monsanto' took place.

About fifty protesters gathered in Grand Rapids and marched to Rosa Parks Circle. The GMO activists, who are fighting for organic food, their main point of highlight are the monopoly of the Monsanto, the GMO giant over food supply.

This year, the main target of the protectors was the herbicide Round-Up by Monsanto. World Health Organization classified the main ingredient of Monsanto's Round up as "probably carcinogenic to humans."

One of the organizers Tony Geren said, "We don't want this in our food, we don't want cancerous products on the market 80% of food in the food industry is GMO now and that's in large part due to Monsanto."

One of the participants in the rally that is happening across four hundred cities around the world said that companies such as Monsanto, that add GMO the crops, are gradually killing people all over the world who consume them.