Greece’s Interior Minister Says Greece will not be Able to Repay Debt Next Month

Nikos Voutsis, Greece’s Interior Minister

On Sunday, the Interior Minister of Greece said that the country will not be able to repay its debt next month to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) unless it strikes a deal with its creditors. This is, till now the most overt remark from Athens regarding the chances of a default in case the talks fail.

With bond markets shut off and the bailout aid bolted, Athens is finding it difficult to meet the requirements of paying wages and pension. The cash-strapped nation is scraping the state treasury to keep up with the internal financial requirements.

The member of the nineteen nation euro zone is still scrambling to keep its place and this is the second government minister who accused the international lenders of putting it through a deliberate and premeditated torture.

On Sunday, Nikos Voutsis, Greece’s Interior Minister who is a senior Syriza member mentioned in an interview on the television that Greece cannot pay the installments to the IMF due next month.

Greece has been in talks with its partners in the euro zone and the IMF for four months now. The newly elected government is still struggling to get a deal which could release almost 7.2 billion euros as remaining aid to avoid bankruptcy.