Bottled Water Recall Fearing the Presence E. coli Expanded on Tuesday

Bottled Water Recall Fearing the Presence E. coli Expanded on Tuesday

On Sunday, as Wegmans announced the possible presence of E.coli in some of the bottled waters that it sells, several lots of the bottled waters were recalled. The recall further expanded on Tuesday.

Niagara Bottling said that they immediately stopped the operations as soon as they were informed about the likely E. coli presence at the source of the spring water. They also added that bottling lines were disinfected and a voluntary recall of bottled waters was initiated.

However, the company said that the recall is only related to the bottled spring water that is produced at their manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania, from June 10 to18 this year. The recall or the problem is not related to any other spring water or purified water that is produced in any other facility other than in Pennsylvania. The company supplies bottled water to many of the sores in Connecticut. The bottles under scrutiny were supplied to ShopRite, Big Y, 7-Eleven and PriceRite among many more.

Even thought the company articulated that there is no problem with the safety of its processing system yet it urged the customers to boil the water before drinking it.

On its official website Niagara Bottling LLC, said that issuing a "clarifying statement" was necessary as there is a "great deal of misinformation reported and circulated over the last 24 hours."