Delta Air Lines Inc. Ban Transportation of Big Game Trophies

Delta Air Lines Inc. Ban Transportation of Big Game Trophies

On Monday, Delta Air Lines Inc. announced that it will no longer allow any shipments of big-game carcasses better known as 'trophies' on the hunting parlance of lion, elephant, rhinoceros, leopard and buffalo on its aircraft.

The issue arose and went viral when an American hunter killed the famous lion of Zimbabwe last month. An international outrage was ignited by Cecil's death. That made some of the airlines to consider their shipment policy of big-game body parts or hunting "trophies".

In a statement Delta said that the ban will come into effective right away.

The second largest of the U.S. passenger carriers is the lone American airline that directly flies between the U.S and Johannesburg.

A petition was signed by close to 400,000 people, which was initiated by a Delta customer. It called for the airline to ban transporting hunting trophies said the airline.

On Monday, American Airlines Group Inc. also said it no longer would transport any big game trophies.

The killing of Cecil the thirteen year old lion by Walter Palmer, a Minneapolis dentist and trophy hunter has stirred a debate over species conservation. Another lion was killed by Jan Seski an American dentist from Pittsburgh.

Zimbabwe authorities have already started investigations in both the cases of lion killing. According to Palmer, he believed that it was a legal killing when he killed the lion in a hunt.