First Nuclear Reactor to Start in Japan on Tuesday After 2011 Crisis

First Nuclear Reactor to Start in Japan on Tuesday After 2011 Crisis

After the Fukushima disaster the first reactor will be started in Japan on Tuesday under the new guidelines and rules.

It will be the first come back of nuclear energy to Japan after the standoff following the four-and-half-year year break following the 2011disaster at Fukushima led by earthquake and tsunami in east Japan.

On Monday, Kyushu Electric Power Co. said that on Tuesday it will restart a reactor at its Sendai nuclear plant in Kagoshima Prefecture. The nuclear plant has passed stricter safety regulations that have been imposed by the government.

The Kyushu Electric intends to start the operations at the Sendai plant's No. 2 reactor sometime around middle of October.

From Friday morning, the Sendai No. 1 reactor is expected to restart power generation and will reach its full capacity power generation from the coming month.

For long close to fifty nuclear power generators of Japans have been kept offline either for safety checks or for repairs. To sustain the country's economy, the government intends to bring back as many as possible.

In spite of the push for restart from the government as well as the utilities majority of Japanese are concerned about the return of the nuclear energy especially the residents of locations close to the Sendai plant.