The Government Looking Deeper into Safety Issues; Transportation Secretary Plans to Hold Meeting with Automakers

The Government Looking Deeper into Safety Issues; Transportation Secretary

After the Volkswagen scandal, the regulators are looking deeper into safety problems and environmental issues related to different automakers.

Volkswagen admitted recently that it had it illegally used software devices to dodge the emissions tests in nearly 500,000 diesel vehicles which it sold the United States.

On Tuesday, Anthony Foxx, the Transportation Secretary said, he expected to hold a meeting with a number of automakers to highlight the commitment of the government in cracking down safety violations, which is on the rise.

Last year, automakers collectively recalled around sixty million vehicles  related to safety issues which also includes millions of GM's small cars which had defective ignitions that were connected to at least hundred and twenty four.

Fiat Chrysler also disclosed that it has under-reported the numbers in internal review related to the recent $105 million settlement of the company connected to the handling of recalls. It may result in new penalties for Fiat. The carmakers disclosure is the second one this time in one year where a big automaker made an admission of failing to report proper claims which is required according to the federal Early Warning Reporting system.

Honda, in January, agreed to pay $70 million as penalty for failing to properly reveal the data of 1,700 or more deaths as well as injuries, to the government in a period of eleven years.