Ducks withbird flu detected near Seoul

Ducks withbird flu detected near Seoul

Authorities in South Korea have said that they have detected bird flu in ducks on a poultry farm near the national capital, Seoul.

An officials from the agriculture ministry said that it is the first discovery in four months and a month after the country received bird flu-free status. The authorities detected a strain known as H5N8, which was also detected in November of the previous year. The officials also said that all the 11,604 ducks at the infected farm have been slaughtered. The infected farm is located in the city of Icheon, which is located just 80 kilometres from Soul.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs has said earlier this month that South Korea had started exporting poultry meatto Hong Kong for the first time in nearly two years after the country was declared an Avian Influenza-free nation. The discovery is expected to raise concerns about poultry products from the country in the international markets.

Experts said that H7N7 Influenza A virus subtype can affect different animal species but especially effects birds. The virus can affect humans also if they come in close contact with the infected animals. Besides birds, the strains of the AI virus may also infect pigs, seals, whales and horses. The spread of the disease is controlled through culling of the infected birds while vaccinations are also available to control the disease.