Chinese Finance Minister Criticizes Trump’s Policy Proposal

Chinese Finance Minister Criticizes Trump’s Policy Proposal

Lou Jiwei, the Finance Minister of China came down heavily upon the Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump and called him "an irrational type" because of his proposal to impose increased tariffs that could be as much as forty five percent, on imported Chinese goods.

Mr. Trump proposed imposing the higher tariffs on China if he is elected and that will change the country's trade policies. Mr. Lou, known is well known for his outspokenness and said that this kind of increased tariff would violate the rules of World Trade Organization. Mr. Lou said if those conditions are put in place the United States will not be permitted to its position as the major power in the world.

On Sunday, in a campaign rally in New York once again Trump asserted that China has waged "economic war" against the U.S. He said, "They've taken our jobs, they've taken our money. We can't continue to be ripped off like we're being ripped off."

Last month, at a Republican presidential debate Trump said that "The 45 percent (tariff) is a threat that if they don't behave, if they don't follow the rules and regulations so that we can have it equal on both sides, we will tax you."

On the other hand, Ted Cruz, Trump's Republican rival condemned the proposal of increasing forty five percent tariff  and said it would ultimately be passed on to customers in the United States.