Nintendo looking to enter movie business

Nintendo looking to enter movie business

Japanese video game maker Nintendo has indicated that it is looking to enter the movie business for growth.

Company spokesman Makoto Wakae has said on Monday that the company is still working on the details but it might work on a theater release or a DVD. The company has already licensed its game characters earlier such as its Pokemon movies but is now thinking about releasing its own film content.

The company, which makes the Wii U home console and Nintendo 3DS hand-held device, has said that it will turn into a full-fledged film studio but it will use the funds raised from selling its stake in the major league Seattle Mariners will be invested in filmmaking projects. The company has not even announced the details of the Mariners sale, which in the coming months within this year.

Kyoto-based Nintendo might work on 3-D animation, taking advantage of its expertise in the field. The company is also believed to be in discussions with several film companies on a possible partnership. The company is facing still competition from smartphones and other devices in the market and its growth has stagnated in recent times. The company believes that films could revive interest in its franchise.