Walmart launches “Walmart Pay”in Virginia

Walmart launches “Walmart Pay”in Virginia

World's largest retailer, Walmart has announced the launch of a new payment method called "Walmart Pay" across its stores in the state of Virginia.

The new"Walmart Pay" feature is aimed at making it easier for the customers to pay at stores. Customers in those locations will be able to use their smartphones to pay at checkout. The retailer's app is among the top three retail apps in the Google and Apple app stores and more than twenty million customers actively use the Walmart app each month. The customers are required to have an account at Walmart and have to link a credit, debit or gift card to their Walmart app's pay feature in order to access the service.

The company had announced earlier that it is launching the service in the states of Arkansas and Texas. The company had said in December that the feature will be available across the country by middle of 2016. The service was rolled out in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina and some other states.

Daniel Eckert, Walmart senior vice president of services, said in a statement that the app feature is designed to make easier and faster for the customers. He said that the country wants to make shopping easier and faster across its stores.