Success of Oregrown Industries has come amid tremendous legal and regulatory uncertainty

Success of Oregrown Industries has come amid tremendous legal and regulatory unce

In October last year, Oregrown Industries broke records statewide by making an amazing $55,000 at its flagship dispensary in downtown Bend on the very initial day of recreational marijuana sales in Oregon.

Last year, while speaking to the Oregonian's Noelle Crombie, Oregrown co-founder Aviv Hadar said that the numbers left them in surprise.

The farm-to-table cannabis company was founded by friends in 2013. Now, it has broken ground on a project that is going to double the size of its existing retail operation, while greenhouses go up on 84 acre organic farm of Oregrown in Tumalo.

Hadar said that the success of Oregrown is associated with its brand promise, the same promise that was behind making Oregon the origin of craft beer, food, cannabis, spirits, and wine.

Hadar said that from the very beginning they have been committed to building a company and offering products shedding light on the Oregon craft ethos.

Hadaradded, "We are locally owned, we are growing organic ourselves and working with producers who limit pesticide use. We hire great people and pay a living wage, we support efforts to end the war against cannabis consumers and we are deeply engaged in our community".

Hadarmentioned that they have been doing all that because they believe that in every possible way 'Oregrown' must reflection their and beautiful state's values.

The Oregon Department of Revenue suggested that Oregon dispensaries made an anticipated $102 million in recreational cannabis sales and during the initial six months of the year 2016 netted the state $25.5 million in marijuana taxes.

But, the progress and success of family owned businesses, including Oregrown has come in the middle of incredible legal and regulatory vagueness as local governments and state agencies have come up with the rules to shape the future of the hatchling industry.