Toyota develops small, doll-like robot --- ‘Kirobo Mini’

Toyota develops small, doll-like robot --- ‘Kirobo Mini’

Bigwig Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corp. has developed a small, doll-like robot which has been designed to act as a virtual companion. The 10-centimeter tall robot -- small enough to be easily carried around -- is called 'Kirobo Mini.'

According to the details shared by Toyota, the Kirobo Mini robot is scheduled for shipments in 2017. Pre-orders for the robot, priced at ¥39,800 (approximately $390), will be opened by Toyota at its dealerships soon.

With regard to the availability of the Kirobo Mini robot, Toyota said that, as of now, it has no plans to launch the robot in international markets. The availability of the robot will initially be limited to Tokyo and Aichi prefecture in central Japan - close to Toyota's headquarters

- to receive feedback from consumers.

The Kirobo Mini robot will be equipped with a microphone, camera, and Bluetooth. The robot has the capability to connect to a smartphone, after the installation of a special software application.

Highlighting the fact that the Kirobo Mini robot can listen to and respond to chat from people anywhere, even inside a car, by turning its head towards a voice, Toyota said that the robot will be able to chat for up to two-and-a-half hours on batteries.