Apple launches iOS 10.2 update for iPhone; unfolds new emojis

Apple launches iOS 10.2 update for iPhone; unfolds new emojis

In a Monday announcement, tech biggie Apple announced the official rollout of its iOS 10.2 software update for the iPhone. The update was earlier available in beta.

Announcing the launch of the iOS 10.2 software update, Apple said that the update unfolds a broader range of new emojis to choose from. Some of the new emojis coming up for iPhone users as a result of Apple's latest software update include new facial expressions, professions, and foods.

With the launch of the iOS 10.2 update, the emoji keyboard for iPhone users will now include symbols which represent a number of new professions, such as scientist, teacher and firefighter, among others. In addition, the update will also come with new people-themed emojis, including one which depicts a pregnant woman.

Moreover, the latest batch of emojis will also include novel kinds of smiley faces -- for example, an emoji face with a Pinocchio-like nose -- for showing an array of different emotions and actions.

Apple's latest software update, which brings a wider selection of new emojis, comes at a time when several tech companies and organizations are making attempts to develop more 'inclusive' emojis as well as those which represent a broader range of people, interests, and activities.