Antibiotic resistance occurs as part of natural evolution process: CDC

Antibiotic resistance occurs as part of natural evolution process: CDC

Regardless of how effective an antibiotic drug is at killing bacteria, new drugs will be required as bacteria gradually mutate and increasingly grow more resistant to the existing drugs, According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC).

The CDC wrote on its website that antibiotic resistance can be slowed but not stopped because it is a part of a natural evolution process.

The federal agency wrote, “Antibiotic resistance occurs as part of a natural evolution process, it can be significantly slowed but not stopped. New antibiotics will always be needed to keep up with resistant bacteria as well as new diagnostic tests to track the development of resistance.”

Drug-resistant bacterial “superbugs” became a big concern for public health officials after an investigation in the death of a Nevada woman revealed that she had been infected with a bacterial superbug infection that was resistant to all FDA-approved antibiotics.

In other words, there was no antibiotic available in the United States that could treat the women, who was in her 70s, and lived in Reno, Nevada.

Public health experts warned that while cases of superbugs resistant to all antibiotics are currently quite rare, but such deadly cases could become prevalent in the future. Experts have also warned that long hospitals stays and lengthy exposures to different antibiotics can significantly increase the odds of developing a drug-resistant bacterial infection.


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