Americans are more distressed than ever before: study

Americans are more distressed than ever before: study

A new study has revealed that more Americans than ever before are in the grip of stress, depression and anxiety; and several of them are unable to get required help.

A team of experts from NYU Langone Medical Center made an analysis of Centers for Disease Control (CDC) data and came to know that 3.4 per cent of the American adults or more than 8.3 million adult people in the United States are now suffering from serious psychological distress, called SPD.

The condition of SPD is characterized by feelings of sadness, restlessness and worthlessness hazardous enough to impair the victim’s well-being. Previously, 3 per cent or less of the U.S. population was found affected by SPD.

Lead researcher Judith Weissman, a research manager in the department of medicine at NYU, said, “Based on our data, we estimate that millions of Americans have a level of emotional functioning that leads to lower quality of life and life expectancy.”

The study also revealed that access to needed health care services have deteriorated for people suffering from SPD over the past few years.

The findings of the new study, which are based on the National Health Interview Survey, appeared in the most recent edition of the journal Psychiatric Services.