Tesla upgrades Superchargers across Europe to 150kW capacity

Tesla upgrades Superchargers across Europe to 150kW capacity

US electric vehicle maker Tesla is upgrading its V2 Superchargers in Europe, increasing the charging capacity of the Superchargers to 150 kW from the current 120 kW. The V2 Superchargers are Tesla’s second-generation supercharging stations for electric vehicles.

Tesla’s move to update the European V2 Superchargers comes a few months after the company’s announcement about increasing the charging capacity of its Superchargers in the US to 150 kW earlier in 2019. The V2 Superchargers comprise a large part of Tesla’s fast-charging stations deployed worldwide.

In announcing the charging-capacity upgrade coming to the V2 Superchargers in Europe, Tesla has said that the upgrade will benefit almost all the V2 Superchargers which have been deployed at nearly 500 supercharger locations across the continent.

Against the backdrop of the increase in charging capacity of V2 Superchargers, Tesla has asserted that the Model 3 large-battery variants, as well as all the vehicles in the new Model S and Model X series, have the capability to charge at the new peak rate of up to 150 kW.

Moreover, with the ‘Performance’ and ‘Maximum Range’ versions of Model 3 already capable of accommodating up to 200 kW at corresponding non-Tesla fast-charging stations, Tesla has revealed that the deployment of the first European V3 Superchargers -- with up to 250 kW charging capacity -- by is being planned towards the end of 2019.