Charter Plane Start-up Quantum Air will purchase 26 small electric aircraft

Charter Plane Start-up Quantum Air will purchase 26 small electric aircraft

In a recent announcement, Los Angeles-based charter start-up Quantum Air has revealed that it has signed an agreement with Denver-based Bye Aerospace, for the purchase of 26 small electrically-powered aircraft.

According to the announcement, the 26 electric aircraft that Quantum Air has ordered from Bye Aerospace include 22 units of fixed-wing four-seat eFlyer 4 aircraft, and four units of two-seat eFlyer 2. In addition, the agreement also underscores Quantum Air’s commitment to purchase two other new electric aircraft that are currently being developed by Bye Aerospace.

The purchase of the Bye Aerospace eFlyers will enable Quantum Air to launch an air taxi service in Los Angeles.

About the imminent arrival of electric aircraft, Quantum Air CEO Tony Thompson said that electric aircraft will herald “a new Golden Age in aviation.” Further adding that, “Since the dawn of flight, point to point air travel has been a luxury available only to a privileged few,” Thompson said: “Quantum’s groundbreaking air taxi service will finally make point to point air travel widely available.”

As of now, the excepted timeline for the delivery of the 26 electric aircraft by Bye Aerospace to Quantum Air has not yet been officially announced. Bye Aerospace is presently completing the critical design review, and is hopeful of obtaining FAA FAR 23 type certification for the eFlyer 2 in 2021, and for eFlyer 4 in 2022.