Virginia plans Electrification of Public School Buses

Virginia plans Electrification of Public School Buses

In a recent announcement underscoring an environment-friendly move, the US state of Virginia has said that it is planning the electrification its public school bus fleets.

According to the announcement made by Virginia’s Governor Ralph Northam, the state has planned five-year initiatives for making a switch over to electric mobility. Under the planned initiatives, the electrification of public transport in the state will be undertaken in three stages.

Going by the details shard by Governor Northam, the first phase of school-bus electrification in Virginia will mark the transition of the first 50 school buses to electric by 2020. Subsequently, in the second phase, another 1,000 electric school buses will be electrified over the next five years. In the third phase, the state is “aiming for all electric by 2030.”

The initial investment cost for electrifying the public school bus fleets has apparently been ascertained by Virginia. In addition, the state has also calculated that the operating cost of the school buses will be reduced by nearly 60% in the long term, after the electrification.

To materialize the plans of electrifying the school bus fleets, the state of Virginia wants to ensure that the education system is not burdened with the bus-electrification costs. Hence, to facilitate the school-bus electrification move, the state will provide electric-bus charging stations and infrastructure to schools, free of cost.