BMW to discontinue hybrid i8 production by April 2020

BMW to discontinue hybrid i8 production by April 2020

In a recent press release, German automaker BMW has indicated that it will stop producing its i8 plug-in hybrid sports car from April 2020.

The disclosure of the imminent discontinuation of production of the hybrid i8 sports car was announced somewhat discreetly by BMW in the press release. The automaker said: “The Ultimate Sophisto Edition will escort the world’s most successful plug-in hybrid sports car since its launch in 2014 onto the finishing straight; production of the i8 will come to an end, as scheduled, in April 2020.”

The press release by BMW largely focused on the new special models for the i8 and the all-electric i3. The pricing of the special models has not been revealed by the automaker.

According to rumors, the new special model of the i8 is likely to hit the markets in 2022. BMW will produce only 200 units of the special model, in coupe and roadster variants. The special model will also apparently be a plug-in hybrid vehicle, but will be outfitted with a more powerful 250 kW combustion engine and a 150 kW electric motor. It will feature 20-inch bicolour alloy wheels, a special paint finish, and ‘E-Copper’ color accents.

Meanwhile, the special model of the i3 in the RoadStyle edition will also come with 20-inch rims, along with E-Copper accents, ‘Fluid Black’ car paint, and interior based on the ‘Suite’ equipment. BMW will produce a “limited edition” of less than 1,000 units of the special i3 model.