California mother-son duo arrested for robbing over $4K from elderly casino slot player

California mother-son duo arrested for robbing over $4K from elderly casino slot player

A California mother and her son have been taken into custody for allegedly robbing thousands of dollars from an elderly woman at the Gold Country Casino, the local sheriff’s office confirmed.

According to a newly released statement by the sheriff’s office, 49-year-old Regina Brito and her 30-year-old son Daniel Braziel of Marysville, California, were both taken into custody late last week in connection with the robbery in which an elderly woman was robbed of more than $4,500 at a Gold Country Casino robbery.

The female victim, whose name was not revealed, reportedly won nearly $4,550 at the Oroville gambling and entertainment property on Tuesday last week. She put the amount in her wallet and took a seat by the side of a slot machine. Soon, a man, who was later identified as Daniel Braziel, went up to her and allegedly pushed her to the floor and snatched her wallet and some other unspecified property from her.

According to the police report and local media reports, Regina Brito allegedly served as a getaway driver. After snatching money from the elderly victim, Braziel ran to a close by parking lot and rushed into a car being driven by Brito. The mother and son soon vanished from the scene.

Eric Meyer, a frequent player at Gold Country Casino, commented, “It’s much messed up, you know? And it just puts this little extra oooh on it with the mother and son.”

The incident was reported to local police, and deputies and detectives reached the gambling property short time later. They reviewed videos captured by the casino’s surveillance cameras. The suspects in the video clips were later identified as Brito and Braziel. On Wednesday, the police detectives received warrants to arrest Brito and her son.

The detectives searched the car that was allegedly driven by Brito to flee with her son from the scene of the incident. Brito was taken into custody at an apartment in the Linda area. During the search of her apartment, the detectives also found some of the victim’s belongings that were forcibly taken during the robbery.

A few hours later, police detectives also arrested Braziel. The mother and her son were both slapped with charges of robbery and elderly abuse.

Before their arraignment at the Butte County Superior Court, they are being held in the Butte County Jail. Meanwhile, The Sheriff’s office has urged any member of the public with any relevant additional information about the incident to contact Detective Tristan Harper at 530-538-7671.