Ninebot’s $350 electric moped A30C could reach US and EU markets soon

Ninebot’s $350 electric moped A30C could reach US and EU markets soon

Ninebot, a Chinese manufacturer of two-wheeled personal mobility solutions, has announced the launch of Ninebot A30C in the domestic market. The company indicated that the small electric moped could reach the American and European markets earlier than expected.

Mopeds can be described as small motorcycles with both a motorcycle engine and bicycle pedals. The Ninebot A30C electric moped resembles a similar look to the company’s previously launched models, such as the Ninebot C80 electric moped. But, the new model comes equipped with a number of additional features that are quite remarkable, considering its low price tag.

The comparatively small fully-electric moped offers a single seat for one passenger. However, it also features a front seat for a child in addition to rear child seat accessory. Customization can be made to allow an adult to ride with a maximum of two small children.

The Ninebot A30C’s body has been made up of a high-carbon steel frame, while its wheels are made up of aluminum alloy. It features vacuum tires, an EABS energy recovery system, and comes equipped with a 48V and 12Ah lithium-ion battery that offers 576 Wh of capacity, enough to deliver a range of 40 km (25 miles).

It is worth-mentioning here that the electric moped’s top speed of 25 km/h (roughly 15.5 mp/h) is the maximum limit allowed by Chinese law for electric bicycles. Its functional pedals qualify it as an electric bicycle. It can thus be operated by a rider without any additional motorbike driving license.

The Ninebot app allows users to remotely unlock the electric moped. In addition, it supports a number of innovative functions like electronic key sharing, induction unlocking, card unlocking, and password unlocking. All these functions make the rider’s driving experience convenient as well as pleasant. Its built-in abnormality alarm and AHRSS keeps thieves at an arm’s length.

Launched under a new A-series and N-series, the Ninebot A30C electric moped is available with a starting price tag of just RMB 2,299 (roughly US$340).

Currently, the electric moped is only available in China. But American and European consumers will also be able to have their hands on it sometime later this year. Typically, the US and European sales of Ninebot electric mopeds take several months to start, after their launch in China. This time, the Chinese electric mopeds are expected to start running around the streets of New York or Paris soon.