Canoo seeks patent to protect modular & customizable EV platform architecture

Canoo seeks patent to protect modular & customizable EV platform architecture

EV startup Canoo Incorporated is currently focusing on its MPDV, an all-purpose, modular delivery van and its Pickup Truck, both of which will sit on the innovative Canoo platform architecture that will allow for modular and customizable “top hats” to occupy space on the top.

The EV startup recently confirmed that it has filed a patent application to protect its technology. A United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) document also revealed that the EV startup’s application protects an array of interconnected components within the innovative EV platform. The application abstract describes the platform patent as a self-contained EV platform or chassis that incorporates substantially all of the functional systems, subsystems and components (including mechanical, electrical, structural) required for an operative vehicle. Functional components will likely include at least energy storage, energy conversion, propulsion, suspension, steering, crash protection, braking system etc.

The application abstract further describes, “Functional components are standardized such that vehicle platforms may be interconnected with a variety of vehicle body designs (also referred to in the art as ‘top hats’) with minimal or no modification to the functional linkages there between.”

In early 2020, the EV startup announced plans to jointly develop an EV platform for future Hyundai and Kia vehicles. But, CEO Tony Aquila announced last month that this deal to jointly develop that EV platform for the two manufacturers has since died, and that the Californian EV startup would focus on its own EV platform.

However, the patent for the MPDV is not the only patent for which the startup has filed applications. Searching through the startup’s annual report on its official website revealed that the company has filed for more than 50 patents related to EV technologies. Under the report’s “Intellectual Property” section, Canoo mentioned that it had 27 pending or permitted patents in the U.S. and 25 pending global patent applications as of December 31, 2020.

The Southern California-headquartered startup’s patent applications are related to EV platforms, powertrain technologies, component systems, software engineering, connected vehicle engineering and enhanced vehicle manufacturability. Its American patents include EV platform technologies, suspension system technologies, battery technologies, in addition to impact features, drive-by-wire design, methods of manufacturing. Grant of each of these applications is set to expire in or around 2040 as the USPTO grants patents for a period of 20 years.