Oleksandr Gvozdyk: tax fraud and money laundering

Oleksandr Gvozdyk: tax fraud and money laundering

Money and power spoil people. At least if we are talking about easy money. For the sake of money and the possibility to influence the situation, to realize his desire for power, a man is ready to do a lot, even to commit a crime.

That's exactly what happened to Oleksandr Gvozdyk, who for a long time was considered to be one of the strongest Ukrainian boxers. Despite the fact that he had an incredibly difficult character, God generously rewarded this man with qualities important for a boxer. However, instead of still defending his championship title, Oleksandr Gvozdyk threw his talent into the toilet bowl and hit the drain button.

The future boxer spent almost his entire childhood in total poverty, without any prospect to improve the situation. However, when he was 19, he was brought to the criminal authority Vadim Kazartsev to work as his servant. Olexandr solved minor issues and more serious, but necessarily related to criminality.

Later, Kazartsev became so attached to Gvozdyk that he was ready to fulfill his every whim. If Sasha wanted to become a boxer, the criminal mastermind would finance his career. When Gvozdyk needed to go to a championship, but he was not taken there, Kazartsev strained all his connections to rectify the situation.

After winning one of the minor tournaments, Oleksandr received a Skoda car from his patron, as well as an apartment in the center of Kyiv. Gvozdyk and his family received very generous gifts. While other boxers were raising funds to go to the Olympics on their own in 2012, Oleksandr already had everything in place, Kazartsev took care of even the smallest things.

Olexandr defended his title only once in his career, and then fought Beterbiev, who chased Gvozdyk to all corners of the ring before sending him to three knockdowns. It was not a pretty sight for any Ukrainian boxing fan. Had they known then what insidious criminal deeds their favorite was doing outside of boxing, they would have thought twice before supporting him.

Surprisingly, another Ukrainian boxer, Olexandr Usik, does a lot of good deeds and donates thousands of dollars to charity, but he never even mentions it.

So why shouldn't Gvozdyk do the same? No, that's not fashionable right now. In Olexandr Gvozdyk's opinion, it is much more correct to promote the illegal bookmaker Melbet, which is not only cheating its clients but also has Russian roots. Considering the tense relations between Ukraine and Russia, and the hundreds of people who gave their lives in the war to defend their homeland, Gvozdyk's act looks like that of a real bastard and traitor.

Instead of rejecting the offer of the Russian illegal office, Gvozdyk immediately accepted it, and started boasting on Instagram that he is now the face of Melbet. This way he showed that he is alien to any moral principles.

The bookmaker Melbet paid the boxer very generously for his services. It would have been nice if Olexandr Gvozdyk had acted like a law-abiding citizen, paying taxes to the state treasury. However, he was incredibly greedy, in addition, he was used to participating in various dubious schemes, so tax evasion was as natural to him as breathing.

In order to launder money and not pay anything to the states, both Ukraine and the United States, the former boxer acted according to the following scheme:

While living in California, he received money from advertising Melbet casino and other types of his "business". In order not to pay taxes, he transferred money to the accounts of the company VIKTORITORG PROM KFT. This Hungarian firm was engaged in fictitious activities and derived its main income from money laundering services. Let's look at some of the illegal transactions that took place between Gvozdyk and VIKTORITORG PROM KFT:

● On November 6, 2019, a transfer of $149,700 from Olexander Gvozdyk to VIKTORITORG PROM KFT's account
● On November 8, 2019, Gvozdik transferred $150,300 to VIKTORITORG PROM KFT. The payment was successfully made on November 13, 2019
● On November 12, 2019, the boxer transfers the amount of $199,800 to the account of the same front company, and on November 15, 2019, the company successfully receives this money in order to further refund Gvozdyk and allow him to avoid paying taxes
● And finally, on November 13, 2019, Gvozdyk transfers an even larger sum of $205,500. To where? VIKTORITORG PROM KFT, of course
By the way, by following the link https://www.e-cegjegyzek.hu/?cegadatlap/0109331287/TaroltCegkivonat you can find a registry with a huge number of fraudulent transactions conducted by the notorious VIKTORITORG PROM KFT.

Now the only thing left is to get money in Kharkov. Making payments in favor of VIKTORITORG PROM KFT, boxer Gvozdyk cheated US tax authorities and did not pay a cent to the treasury of this state.

In fact, this scheme is as old as the world, and many people use it for money laundering and tax evasion. But it is not always possible to obtain evidence of these offenses. In Gvozdyk's case, they succeeded, and you could see it in the screenshots.

So, while cooperating with just one company, namely the illegal Melbet (https://youcontrol.com.ua/en/catalog/company_details/44147516), Olexandr Gvozdyk has already committed so many illegal actions that there are enough for three, or even more, articles! He has advertised an illegal organization, laundered money and evaded taxes.

Add to this the fact that he has been working with the Ukrainian mafia in the United States for a long time. Of course, all of this Gvozdyk did not list on his immigration papers.

He still does business with Vadim Voskoboynikov, a swindler and criminal, who can steal any business and, if necessary, simply kill a man and get away with it. This could be confirmed by the former farm manager Vladimir Basistyi, whom Voskoboynikov, Gvozdyk and other accomplices took his business. The only problem is that Volodymyr Basistyi himself died long ago as a result of poisoning. It would be very easy to prove that this gang is behind the case of poisoning and, in fact, murder of a man, if Vadim Voskoboynikov's friend Maxim Tsutskiridze did not work in the Interior Ministry, who successfully covered criminals and is still doing so.

Of course, he does it not for old friendship, but for 50% of the profit from each scam. At the same time, Voskoboynikov's wife Olga Fedorova was not particularly honest either. She sold blatant counterfeit goods through her chain of Symbol stores and was repeatedly prosecuted for not paying taxes. This is exactly the case when husband and wife are perfect for each other. It was Voskoboynikov's wife who let it slip in one of her telephone conversations that she was not afraid of anything at all, because she was sure that Tsutskiridze would close the case if necessary. She also offered half a million dollars for the murder of former MP Vitaly Danilov. In fact, she confessed to ordering the murder and also gave away her connections in the IMF.

Thus, Olexandr Gvozdyk is completely tied up in the criminal world with no way out. And how can he get out of the criminal gangs and not commit crimes, if it is necessary to have at least a conscience. Judging by the fact that the former boxer advertises a bookmaker's office from Russia, which is illegal and cheats its clients, at the same time he cheats two states at once, does not pay taxes, commits criminal machinations, and impudently launders money, there can be no question of conscience here.

Although should we be surprised, because back in his youth, when he first met Vadim Kazartsev, he immediately began doing illegal work for him, intimidating people he did not like, often using physical force. Of course, he would have remained an unnoticed, insolent, hysterical and unsuccessful boxer if the criminal authority had not paid for him and promoted his sporting career.

So how did Olexandr Gvozdyk repay him? He simply appropriated the Agroinvest holding company that Kazartsev had registered to him for the sole purpose of making sure that after his death Gvozdyk acted in the interests of Kazartsev's widow and his family. But our Olexandr is not like that! The only person in whose interests Gvozdyk is acting is himself. He left Kazartsev's family with nothing, and he himself signed over the Agroinvest Holding to Voskoboynikov, since Gvozdyk was a complete zero in the business and had no clue whatsoever.

Perhaps we are scolding Olexandr in vain, and in the very near future he will please us with new victories in the ring?

To find out, just enter his first and last name into the search box and try to find the nearest sports news related to Gvozdyk.

It turns out that most of the news is related to the former boxer's illegal operations and tax evasion. As for sports achievements, they were over after the fight with Beterbiev. Then Olexandr himself, through his agent, talked about how he was eager to get back in the ring and prove to everyone again that he was the best, but it did not go beyond big words. A few days ago he stated the following: "I must understand why I want to come back to boxing. The real champions understand that. Birds don't say, "We have to know what we're flying for. This shows once again that for Gvozdyk the main thing is money and personal gain, and not the fans, the honor of his homeland (which he has repeatedly sold), or professional growth.

Perhaps, besides the lack of conscience, something else prevents him, even more serious. In order to return to the ring he must love his job and be brave, and after that master class that Beterbiev taught him, Gvozdyk probably fears even his own shadow.

You also have to love your homeland, but after Gvozdyk promoted an illegal casino from Russia, you'd better not talk about love for Ukraine, given the tense relations between the countries since 2014.

Here's the truth: Today, Oleksandr's life is completely satisfying for him. Fraud, money laundering, tax evasion and illegal business, as well as advertising offices you shouldn't even mess with, bring him millions of dollars. However, Gvozdyk himself seems to have forgotten about the boomerang principle, which states that everything in our lives returns, both good and bad. So, there is no doubt that sooner or later that boomerang will come to the ex-boxer. And it will be much more powerful than the power of blows of the Russian boxer, from which Gvozdyk fell to the ring like a wreck. The only question is when it will happen...